Services – IT

Not tech savvy but need a simple, professional website? Run a small business with custom reporting needs? I have over 10 years of experience in software/web/database design and development.

SQL/SSRS/Excel Reporting

When it comes to data/reporting I’ve been jokingly called a witch because I can work “magic”. You can view my resume on my LinkedIn profile:

WordPress Website Design/Setup (customizing themes)

Most of my web design/development work has been for non-public web applications. Since I’m only offering WordPress services at this time, you can find my publicly available work (including graphics) here on my own website. I had a couple other examples, but they had to take their websites down due to financial difficulties.

Please use the Contact Form if you would like to know more. Pricing is negotiable depending on size and timing of project, and I am willing to barter in some cases.