Energetic Portraits

Energetic Portraits

“Phoenix Rising” – for Phoenix Rising Metaphysics in Austin, TX


Direct Order or Appointment

For direct order I will need your name, a recent photo of you with clear sight to your eyes, a valid email address, and a mailing address (cannot be a PO box). To place a direct order, click here.

During an appointment we will meet via Skype for about 30 minutes or so to talk a bit and have a short meditation. This will give me a chance to connect to and get familiar with your “personal vibrational pattern of Light”. Messages or healings may come at any time during the meeting, but are not guaranteed and are not the main focus.

Later, while in meditative trance, I will call forth your vibrational pattern to create a painting that vibrates in resonance. Once the painting is completely dry it will be varnished and any inclusions added. When the varnish is dry, it will be ready for pick-up/shipping.

These portraits are especially great for bedrooms, altars, or other areas designated as personal sacred space. Just like your own voice can be used for self-healing, a visual representation of your energy can be a powerful healing tool – especially when used in meditation or ceremony.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, please use the Contact Form.

Pricing varies depending on size of painting and materials used. Base pricing:

  • 12″x12″ canvas : direct order – $88, appointment – $122
  • 12″x12″ wood panel : direct order – $99, appointment – $133
  • 16″x20″ canvas : direct order – $111, appointment – $144
  • 16″x20″ wood panel : direct order – $122, appointment – $155

Examples of materials used:

  • acrylic paint – vibrant and quick drying
  • canvas – high quality, pre-stretched and pre-treated cotton like you find at an art store
  • wood panel – sturdier option to the canvas. Sometimes preferred when adding crystals/stones, etc during varnishing. Definitely preferred if you like to see the wood grain underneath, or if your bond to mother nature is a particularly strong part of your vibration.
  • varnish – semi-gloss default, other glosses possible/available
  • crystals/stones – part of the “portrait” might be the inclusion of stones like crystal quartz or amethyst, typically on top of the paint and added during the varnishing process
  • other – have used bits of copper wire, chunks of glass, small cabinet/drawer knobs, even a preserved butterfly wing once