About the Artist

Empath, artistic medium, gridworker, light warrior, indigo (system buster, game changer)

I began making jewelry at a time in my life when I had a lot of problems with general anxiety and panic attacks. The entire process of designing and stringing can be very therapeutic.

I began painting much more out of the blue, feeling strongly drawn to it. My mother and sister also paint, but I myself didn’t really have much experience beyond simple birdhouse type childhood projects. As soon as I bought the materials as an adult, however, and first put brush to canvas – it was almost like someone else was in control of my body. Some of my paintings I’ve even done with my eyes closed. I wanted to be a conduit for high vibrational energies, for activation frequencies to assist the ascension, and I believe this is one of the first ways I began to do so that had tangible physical results.

I’m never entirely sure what to write for things like this, but I thought people might be curious to see the face behind the art.

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