About the Artist

Artist, medium, light warrior, healer

Thanks to my mother, I grew up in a very creative household. Drawing, paper mache, sculpting clay, and all sorts of crafts. It has definitely had a lasting impact on my life and my work. If I’m not currently making something, chances are I’m dreaming about what else I can create.

I especially love creating things to make people smile. I love using bold color and fun but elegant designs to stimulate the inner child. We let go of much as adults that is seen as immature, but I think if they bring you joy and do no harm, those things should be continued and cherished. Life is short enough already, why grow old before your time?

Why “8th Thought Experience”?

I read an article many years ago that stated the human mind can hold no more than 7 thoughts at once. For whatever reason, that really stuck with me, and I’ve wondered off and on since then – what would that 8th thought be like? That barrier-breaking thought that was so incredible it pushed passed the known limits of the human mind?

When I began painting and creating things and decided to start my own business, this idea of the 8th thought came back to me. Everything I create is deliberately imbued with a variety of multidimensional energies, an attempt to express to the world what I experience through that inner lens that encompasses everything and nothing all at once. I couldn’t think of a name that more aptly summed up all that I am trying to share with others. Thus 8th Thought Experience was born.